Jean-Philippe Carré-Mattei

Jean-Philippe Carré-Mattei lives and works in Paris and Corsica.
Member of the France(s) Territoire Liquide collective.
Represented by Galerie Schumm-Braunstein, Paris.
Current thesis in anthropology of photography (Sorbonne).
Lecturer at the Université de Picardie (photography, art history) and at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques in Paris.

“Trained in the field through current art history research at the Sorbonne, focusing on the technical anthropology of photography, and as a professor of photography techniques and history. He is definitively inclined towards photography of travel and translation. Surrealism, due to his affiliation with a resurgence of the group for several years, remains the catalyst for his photographic approach with linguistic deviations.

Always subtracting or adding a layer to a level of reality.” 

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